The XV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021


The XV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 was held on July 21-25 at the airfield of the country's central test base - M.M. Gromov Flight Research Institute. The event, by tradition, was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the state corporation Rostec.

AVIAHELP successfully presented its competence in the supply and repair of spare parts for Russian-made civil aircraft at the MAKS-2021 Aviation and Space Salon. The company's employees held a series of productive meetings and negotiations, during which they discussed current and future projects. So, within the framework of the international air show Popov communications equipment plant JSC (GZAS) signed a new agreement on the formation of the service centers international network.

This time the service center opens in the Republic of Peru. Together with the aircraft repair company Helicentro Peru S.A.C and AVIAHELP, the Gorky Plant will carry out the modernization of the helicopter fleet in terms of the supply of a new fifth generation digital radio station Yadro (Core) 1M, as well as the repair of its radio communication equipment. It should be reminded, that AVIAHELP is a long-time partner and official distributor of GZAS in foreign markets.

“The MAKS air show plays an important role in the development of the aerospace industry in Russia. This is not only the largest aircraft exhibition in Eastern Europe, but also a unique professional platform that brings together world experts and leaders of the aviation industry. It is not the first year that MAKS confirms its high status in the international arena, becoming the leader in the number of signed deals, as well as in the presentations, discussions and round tables held within the framework of the business program,” noted Yuri Ridzel, the General Director of AVIAHELP. “It is very important and valuable for AVIAHELP to participate in aviation forums of this scale, as it helps to strengthen our networks, and also has a beneficial effect on our business development”.

The MAKS Air Show is the largest business event in Russia, which is considered one of the most important events in the world of the aerospace industry. The high international status of the aviation forum is confirmed by a large number of foreign participants in the salon and a large-scale aircraft exhibition with an impressive air show.

This year, due to the pandemic, the air show was held in conditions limited for an international presence. However, it did not prevent the salon from having a large-scale representation of both Russian and foreign companies. Due to the use of the hybrid format, 831 exhibitors from 56 countries of the world took part in MAKS-2021, and the number of visitors to the air show reached 135 thousand people.

An exposition with an area of 105 thousand sq. m. included the products of the leaders of the Russian aviation and space industries, as well as the results of the works of the largest foreign manufacturers. The airshow traditionally hosted world premieres - the latest products that had not previously been shown in Russia were presented.

The MAKS-2021 business program has been qualitatively strengthened and expanded in comparison with previous air shows. As part of the event, over 100 conferences, seminars, round tables and strategic sessions were held. An innovative solution was the online broadcasting of events, to which about 33 thousand people could virtually join.

The participants and guests of the air show could also enjoy the rich flight program. On the final day of the air show, demonstration flights of aircraft and helicopters, as well as performances of aerobatic teams took place. In total, over 80 aircraft took part in the flight program, including 39 aircraft in 8 aerobatic teams.

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