The 14th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia-2021


The event dedicated to the latest achievements in the field of helicopter engineering was traditionally held on the territory of the Crocus Expo exhibition center. The organizer of the industry show was the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation with the support of the Helicopter Industry Association. 

HeliRussia is the largest helicopter exhibition in Europe and North Asia, which annually brings together industry leaders from around the world. Despite the limitations due to the pandemic, HeliRussia-2021 was able to maintain its international status, having leading domestic and foreign manufacturers and operators of helicopter technology and equipment. At the exhibition with a total area of 14 thousand square meters more than 160 companies from 13 countries presented their products. 
The worldwide level of the event allows attracting industry leaders and thereby contributes to the development and strengthening of international cooperation in the field of helicopter building. Participants of the exhibition have the opportunity to get acquainted with the heads of companies, as well as discuss pressing issues of the industry at roundtable discussions.

This year, by tradition, there was a varied business program, which is an important part of the exhibition and serves as a meeting place for discussing the most acute and urgent problems of the industry. The discussion topics of HeliRussia-2021 were aimed at solving the most important tasks in such a difficult period for all aviation. Also, a new strategy for the development of the domestic helicopter industry was determined, taking into account technical, financial, social and legal aspects.

AVIAHELP employees took an active part in conferences and plenary discussions dedicated to topical issues and prospects of the helicopter industry. Particularly important for our company was the participation in the roundtable discussion on the topic “Aviation communication equipment and limited budget. Effective solutions for life extension and modernization ”. The event was organized by Popov communications equipment plant JSC (GZAS) - a Russian developer and manufacturer of aviation radio communication and ground equipment. We would like to remind, that AVIAHELP is a long-time partner and official distributor of GZAS JSC in foreign markets. 

During the discussion, issues were raised about the operation of radio communication equipment of helicopter technology, as well as options for modernizing and increasing its service life in the context of a limited operator's budget. In addition, the participants of the round table discussed possible effective solutions to replace the existing communication equipment with a modern one at a minimum cost for the operator. Within the framework of the event, the newest development of the plant was presented - a digital radio station “The Nucleus New Generation”. The new service programs and their high export potential were noted by the Air Attaché of the Indian Embassy in Moscow, Mr. Shailesh Ranjan. AVIAHELP employees, for their part, presented a detailed program for promoting new GZAS products for foreign customers. 

“We are always very enthusiastic about participating in such a significant industry event as HeliRussia. It is not only one of the largest exhibitions in the field of helicopter engineering, but also an authoritative platform for the exchange of relevant information and strengthening international cooperation among the players of the helicopter industry,” noted Yuri Vitalievich Ridzel, the General Director of AVIAHELP. “The current situation in the global helicopter industry market forces us only to work more actively, develop and look for new strategic solutions for the implementation of the planned projects. In this sense, the large-scale exhibition HeliRussia-2021 provides a chance to exchange valuable experience with international partners, discuss acute problems of the helicopter industry together and positively affect the industry, contributing to its recovery and prosperity".

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