The third Scandinavian promenadefor saving seriously ill children


On September 29, 2019 the third Scandinavian promenade, organized by the charity fund “Life Line” for saving seriously ill children, took place in the Kuzminki-Lublino natural-historical park in Moscow. Anyone over seven years old, regardless of their level of training, could join Nordic walking, walk 5 km with sticks and support the charity initiatives of the foundation.

This year, the main goal of the Promenade was to raise money for the treatment of a six-year-old boy, Petya Baryshev, for the sake of which both fans of a healthy lifestyle and just kind people, who were ready to help the wards of the fund, gathered in the Moscow park.

Before the start, the participants of the charity event were able to listen to informative mini-lectures on Nordic walking, where they could learn about its benefits, necessary equipment for practicing and asking further questions to professionals. In addition, it was possible to take part in master classes from instructors of the Russian Nordic Walking Association (RNWA).

AVIAHELP has traditionally contributed to the health of young patients by taking an active part in the charity Promenade. It was not difficult for the company’s employees to go 5 km of the charity distance, as they participated already in many sporting events, the funds from which were used for good purposes.

“Active assistance to the Life Line Foundation and participation in its charity projects is an integral part of our company’s activities. Our employees and their families take part with great pleasure in all sporting events that give hope for recovery to children suffering from serious illnesses. We are sincerely glad that every year such events held by the foundation are gaining popularity and thereby increase interest not only in charity, but also in sports lifestyle” said Yuri Ridzel, the General Director of AVIAHELP.

AVIAHELP is a long-standing partner of the Life Line foundation and participates in all its charity events, helping to raise funds for the treatment of children whose lives are in danger.

The “Scandinavian promenade” is held with the support of the foundation for the third year in a row - all proceeds go to help seriously ill children.


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