The international aerospace exhibition FAMEX-2019 was held in Mexico.


Traditionally, the main Military Air Base of Mexico in Santa Lucia served as a location for one of the largest air shows in the region. The major professional event has been held with the support of the Ministry of National Defense every two years since 2015. 

The exhibition topics cover civil aviation, aerospace, defense and security industry. FAMEX is aimed at enhancing prestige and leadership of the Mexican aerospace industry, having a beneficial effect on the development of the aviation industry not only in Mexico, but throughout the region. Experts note that over the past few years, the growth rate of the aerospace industry of Mexico has accelerated to 14 percent. 

The Latin American region is of great interest to Russian companies, due to the implementation of a number of major projects related to the operation of Russian aircraft. In this regard, a number of companies from Russia, the delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as representatives of Rostec and Rosoboronexport arrived at the exhibition. AVIAHELP company also took an active part in the international air show, which is an important business platform for the development of the aerospace industry. In addition, deliveries in Latin America countries are one of the key areas of work of AVIAHELP. The company maintains close cooperation with aircraft operators, aircraft repair stations and training centers. Supply of aviation spares for maintaining airworthiness, repair services and modernization of Russian helicopters are in high demand. AVIAHELP at FAMEX2019

 “FAMEX is a significant event for the company AVIAHELP, because every year we increase shipments of spare parts to the countries of Latin America,” said Ridzel Yuri Vitalyevich, the General Director of AVIAHELP. “The exhibition allows us to strengthen business relationships, as well as to communicate with potential customers of the Latin American region. Besides, FAMEX gives us the opportunity to get first-hand information about current requirements for products and services, identify pressing issues in the aerospace industry and discuss possible solutions with other professionals. 

The exchange of information and expert opinions, productive business communication and the establishment of new contacts with Latin American companies - all this makes the aerospace exhibition FAMEX necessary for the participation of AVIAHELP. ” “It is worth emphasizing that the services of our company are in high demand in the region due to the authenticity of aviation components, high-quality customer service and a well-organized logistics system, which allows customers to reduce costs in the supply chain,” added Ridzel Y.V. The FAMEX exhibition and airshow occupied a total area of 169,000 square meters, where full-scale samples of aircraft were placed, demonstration flights were organized, and the newest developments in the field of the aerospace industry, defense and security were presented. In addition, the Aviation Education Forum was held, which was attended by two Russian universities specializing in aviation and space areas - Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and Samara University. This year, more than 500 companies from 35 countries of the world took part in the FAMEX exhibition, and the number of visitors to the Mexican fair was about 220 thousand.

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