IMG-20180209-WA0002.jpgSingapore Air Show 2018 is the largest aerospace and defence event in Asia held from 6 to 11 February in the capital of Singapore. 

AVIAHELP together with BETAIR, developer of unique avia testing equipment, took part in Singapore Air Show.  

Singapore Air Show affords an opportunity for inquiring progressive developments of avia industry leaders, such as Airbus, Boeing, Thales, ST Engineering, Pratt & Whitney, Israel Aerospace Industries and communication with experts of aviation industry from different countries about aviation industry development, observing for amazing aerial performances.

 Aviafleet of Asia-Pacific Region is consist of over 8000 aircrafts, which estimate at 30% of global MRO market and experts expect to the growth to $41bln in 2036. 

Specialists of aviation industry paid attention to AVIAHELP advantages in supplements of avia spares to APAC countries. 

Nowadays AVIAHELP GROUP JSC enjoys its leading position on the Russian market of parts for Boeing and Airbus, providing spare parts and accessories for all modifications of Russian helicopters MI-8, MI-17, KA-32. As a result, companies from SouthEast Asia are very interested in accumulating experience of AVIAHELP.

Singapore Air Show 2018 gathered 1100 exhibitors from over 50 countries Coverage of Air Show audience reached 50 000 visitors from 150 countries and 290 accredited delegations from 95 countries.

 ***AVIAHELP is the leading independent supplier of aviation spares, consumables and ground equipment for Western and Eastern types of aircrafts, helicopters of Russian production, providing guaranty of authenticable avia spares for aviafleet globally.

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