AVIAHELP GROUP JSC and Moscow physicotechnical institute launch its joint imports phase-out project


AVIAHELP GROUP JSC, the largest Russian independent aviation parts supplier announced the start of its joint project with Center of innovations of Moscow physicotechnical institute (MPTI) that is designing of Russian dataflow software for electronic airborne system «Aeronavigator» (EFB « Aeronavigator ») to be used in commercial and general aviation.

The project is aimed at the development of Russian software for flight data mapping applicable for portable tablet PCs as an electronic airborne portfolio and working with Russian navigation data bases provided by the leading entitled Russian supplier- Federal State Unitary Enterprise «Air navigation data center».

The project will be developed at Air mechanics and aircrafts faculty of MPTI.

As expected the results of the project will contribute into flight safety in Russian Federation that will spur the development of Russian aviation.

«Constant growth of our activities has allowed AVIAHELP to go beyond the frames of leading Russian aviation parts supplier, - Ekaterina Savelyeva, the General Director of AVIAHELP GROUP JSC highlighted». – Our participation in the development of Russian data storage and processing technologies for the creation of electronic airborne portfolio capable for vector mapping and vector and bit map cartographic base, automatic routing and its confirmation with ОрВД – is another proof. We are confident that our joint results with MPTI will be welcomed not only on the Russian market but will be also desirable on global markets».

It’s worth saying that currently the major part of EFB market for Russian commercial and general aviation is allocated to international product equipped with navigation software created abroad.

In the addition to the above foreign air navigation data bases which are currently in use have quite limited information of Russian air area especially at the lower flight level.

As the result a pilot has to copy manually all the turning points coordinates from a paper navigation map (usually provided by State enterprise Air navigation data center) to have his own user’s points introduced in a navigation device while preparing to the flight in the Russian Federation.

Nevertheless even after introducing all the route points into the memory of navigation device considerable part of crucial navigation data will only be available in paper map.

That doesn’t allow to use in full all the opportunities provided by the navigation equipment software, that influences flight safety.

The situation in Russian general aviation is aggravated by the fact that the majority of cross-country flights are at lower flight level with landings at landing-places not airdromes.

Creation of Russian cross-platform EFB software «Aeronavigator» offers the solutions to these problems by providing Russian aviation market with portable EFB compatible to Russian air navigation data bases.

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