AVIAHELP representatives participated in the leading international exhibition and conference MRO ASIA-PACIFIС 2015 (Singapore)


On November 3-5 the two leading international events – MRO ASIA-PACIFIС 2015 exhibition and conference were celebrated at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Both events were organized by the Aviation Week Events team in partnership with The Association of Aerospace Industries of Singapore.

AVIAHELP GROUP representatives and those of its US subsidiary FLIGHTTIME ENTERPRISES INC. were active participants of MRO ASIA-PACIFIС 2015 along with other leading international aviation industry players.

Delegates and exhibitors represented their latest technologies, equipment and systems for aftermarket aircraft services.

At the booth of AVIAHELP GROUP and FLIGHTTIME ENTERPRISES INC. our specialists held series of talks on the current and potential projects with the leading international industry players.

AVIAHELP program «Representation of leading international aviation parts suppliers and MRO service providers at the Russian market» and its advantages drew great interest of MRO ASIA-PACIFIС 2015 participants.

During MRO ASIA-PACIFIС 2015 AVIAHELP representatives also took opportunity to discuss the most important general issues of the MRO market with the representatives of international airlines, MRO service providers and financial structures.

«AVIAHELP is developing its business in more than 30 countries of the world – Ekaterina Savelyeva, the General Director of AVIAHELP GROUP JSC said. – having reached the position of the major independent aviation parts supplier at the Russian market, AVIAHELP not only provides its clients with parts and services but also spurs the demand for them year by year. Our company policy of participation in the most prestigious industry events is great opportunity to mark AVIAHELP competitiveness. In addition Asia Pacific Region that is the second for its growth rates of aircraft fleet is by all means within our focus. To our mind AVIAHELP efficiency in this region is the base to accelerate our future growth».

Under the organizers’ estimates during its three working days the exhibition and conference MRO ASIA-PACIFIС 2015 attracted more than 3.800 professionals of the aviation sector from more than 60 countries of the world.

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