AVIAHELP GROUP JSC extends the EASA Part-145 capability list of its repair station following the results of the latest EASA audit


AVIAHELP GROUP JSC, the largest Russian independent supplier of aviation spares extended its repair station capability list following the results of the latest EASA audit.

The EASA Part-145 certificate extension was made for Ratings C3 and С5 for lamp, communication devices and accumulator batteries repair.

The EASA Part-145 successful certificate extension turned to be another proof of AVIAHELP Moscow repair station compliance with the requirements for QMS and operation procedures, that provides a high level of security of aircraft operation.

The EASA audit and the extension of the capability list gave a professional assessment of AVAIHELP repair station staff and confirmed the high quality of the services rendered.

It worth mentioning that all the test equipment – subject to EASA certification - was made by the engineer personnel of AVIAHLP repair station

The extended certificate entitles our repair station to inspect and to make repairs according to Ratings С1, С3, С5 (Chapter ATA 21, 23, 24, 33, 34), including the equipment for air conditioning , electrical, radio communication, navigation systems as well as internal and external lighting..

Currently the company specialists make repairs of accumulator rechargers for all aircraft types, switch panels for Boeing 737CL/NG (classic and new generation), power source control units for Boeing 737CL, pneumatic valves of air conditioning system for Boeing 737CL/NG and Boeing 767, communication devices, flashing lights of various modifications for Boeing 737CL/NG, Boeing 747, Boeing 767, landing lamps for Boeing 737CL, as well as distance indicators and magnetic indicators for Boeing 757.

For the last year AVIAHELP repair station has rendered services to such Russian airlines as «Transaero», «UTair», «ROSSIYA», «VIM-AVIA», «Donavia», «Nord wind», «Yakutiya», I Fly, NORDAVIA, Royal Flight.

«AVAIHELP keeps on further expanding its activities – Ekaterina Savelyeva the General Director of AVAIHELP GROUP JSC said. – To our opinion the development of service at our certified in-house repair station constitutes the base for further leadership of our company in the Russian market of aviation equipment. We are confident that the amplification of EASA Part-145 Ratings will help us to keep on developing considerably the repair station and our business in general».

It is worth mentioning that in 2009 AVIAHELP repair station located in Moscow became the first one independent from any aircraft operator and EASA certified with the maintenance of foreign aircraft components included in its capability list.

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