The subsidiary of AVIAHELP GROUP JSC became an active participant of the leading international exhibition AERO EXPO PERU 2014


The subsidiary of AVIAHELP GROUP JSC, AVIAHELP EXPORT Ltd. became an exhibitor of the International fair AERO EXPO PERU 2014 (November 21-23, 2014) –the leading event of the aviation sector in Peru and Latin America.

During the exhibition the representatives of AVIAHELP hosted a number of meetings with their colleagues from major Peruvian and international structures.

The product of Russian holdings and aviation equipment manufacturers promoted by AVIAHELP globally by means of its corporate program “Sole distribution channel” draw great interest of the exhibitors.

It is worth mentioning that the Sole distribution channel program was launched by AVIAHELP in 2014 and proved to be highly efficient in less than a year.

Under the program the AVIAHELP subsidiaries undertake full range of export operations serving the interests of the partner including while dealing with «financially unsafe» countries: from market research and investments into promotional events to financing contracts and struggle against counterfeit products.

The project is mainly targeted at boosting export sales and scheduling the intensity of manufacture of Russian plants - partners of AVIAHELP GROUP.

«Thanks to the highly efficient Sole distribution channel program AVIAHELP managed to increase by 50% its presence in the countries of the world within just an 11-month term of the year 2014, - Ekaterina Savelyeva, the General Director of AVIAHELP GROUP JSC said. – Currently our group of companies operates in 33 countries as an export agent for Russian manufacturers of aviation equipment and at its own expense renders a number of services including logistic, financial, customs and marketing assistance. As the result due to AVIAHELP support Russian manufacturers are not only crucially reducing its supply chain costs but also considerably increase the number of countries of operation and their export sales level».

The international exhibition AERO EXPO PERU 2014 took place in Lima (Peru).

According to the estimates, AERO EXPO PERU 2014 attracted more than 100 leading local and international companies of the aviation sector.

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