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The first privately owned company under the AVIAHELP trade mark started to supply spares for American and European aircrafts Boeing and Airbus to the Russian and CIS aviation markets.

Nowadays AVIAHELP GROUP JSC enjoys its leading position on the Russian market of parts for Boeing and Airbus. The company supplies a wide range of spares, units and consumables for aircrafts:

Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777

Airbus 319, 320, 321


AVIAHELP GROUP JSC keeps its stock of Boeing and Airbus parts constantly updated, the stock is among the biggest in the aviation suppliers sector. Our warehouse is located within Moscow and is certified in accordance with the international requirements.  We maintain a wide range of consumables and units for Boeing and Airbus both from OEM and PMA. The nomenclature list includes:


Wheels and brakes for Boeing 737,

Units for all B737 line,

Life vests,

Proximity switches,

Pitot-Static Probe,

Pilot headset (НМЕ 46-К, НМЕ 46-С),

Plugs (for GPU (Ground power unit) and all aircraft engines),


Pressure sensors 7G,

Aircraft lights (floodlight lamps, tube lamps, incandescent lights, indicator lights),

Filters (fuel, air, water, oil for GPU, engines, hydraulic systems,),


Lock wire,

Thermal paper for printers,

Seat hydraulic locks,

Repair consumables (aircraft rivets, screw),

Limit switches,

Electrostatic surge arrester,

Tape/scotch for cabin carpeting


Our in-house freight forwarding service provides timely delivery of aviation parts to our clients.


AVIAHELP GROUP JSC offers urgent AOG service for Boeing and Airbus within  the credit line to minimize the downtime of client’s fleet.

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Russia, 125430, Moscow,

Mitinskaya, 16, 1110B

+7 (495) 22-178-22 (ext 611)




Moscow warehouse and

repair station


Klyazma district, 1B

Sheremetyevo Business park

Khimki, Moscow region


+7 (495) 22-178-22 (ext 414)



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