The AVIAHELP team participates in the first All-Russian tournament «Cup avia-2014»


On September 20 the AVIAHELP futsal team took part in the first All-Russian tournament «Cup avia-2014».

The event took place at Moscow Spartak stadium.

Our team gladly came forward to become a part of the new aviation sport event.

The «Cup-Avia-2014» brought together 16 teams, representing leading structures of the Russian aviation market including Aviatsionnoe oborudovanie, Irkut, State federal unitary enterprise «TSAGI», Orenair.

As it was expected, the tournament turned to be bright, extreme, full of gain and triumph moments, losses and strong wish to prove that the loss was an occasion.

The teams supported by cheer-leaders went through penalty shootout, last minute-missed points and finally gained lots of positive emotions.

With its 2 wins at the play-off, the AVIAHELP team was second in the «silver» cup-final.

During the prize-giving ceremony our players were awarded by Georgy Yartsev, the legend of the Soviet football.

«AVIAHELP being devoted to sports, not only regularly participates in the major sport events of the sector but also shapes the “sports agenda”, e.g. by providing the staff with prepaid indoor space for playing futsal and volleyball, - Ekaterina Savelyeva the General director of AVIAHELP GROUP JSC said. – Our company’s intention is to increase the support of our employees in their wish to go in for sports by defraying the costs and undertaking the organization».

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