Spares for Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft

Today AVIAHELP GROUP is the leader in the Russian market in procuring a wide range of equipment and consumables for the following Boeing and Airbus aircraft:


Boeing 737, 747, 757, 767, 777

Airbus 319, 320, 321


The company is constantly updating its warehouse for Boeing and Airbus aircraft, one of the largest in the industry. The warehouse is located in Moscow and certified in accordance with international standards EASA. A wide range of consumables and parts are stocked for Boeing and Airbus production for both of OEMs, and PMAs. Material range The inventories include:


• Wheels and brakes for the Boeing 737

• Parts for all models of B737

• life-vest

• Limit switches

• Pitot-Static Probe

• pilot headset (HME 46-K, 46-C HME)

• Candles (APU and engine all models)

• Ballasts

• Pressure sensors 7G

• Aircraft floodlight lamp, fluorescent lamps, incandescent lamps, lamp indicator)

• Filters (APU, engine, hydraulic systems, fuel, air, water, oil)

• Seats

• Safety belts

• Thermal Paper for printers

• Consumables for structural repairs (rivets, screws)

• Tape/adhesive tape for aircraft carpet.


The freight forwarding company ensures timely delivery of aviation equipment to our clients.


To minimize downtime, AVIAHELP GROUP offers its clients emergency shipment of aviation products for the Boeing and Airbus aircraft without advance payment as part of the "AOG" program.


Spares for Boeing, Airbus and Bombardier aircraft



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