Maintenance service EASA Part-145

AVIAHELP GROUP JSC offers repair management including overhaul service, minor modifications under requirements of manufacture technical documents, approved by the Aviation authorities and fast-track recovery of post warranty aviation parts, blocks and units at the facilities of repair plants and manufacture plants.



We repair control units for Boeing 737CL/NG, pneumatic valves of air conditioning system for Boeing 737 CL/NG and Boeing 767, headsets, interphones, various flashlights for Boeing 737CL/NG, Boeing 747, Boeing 767, recharge accumulator batteries for all types of Boeing and Airbus 320 series.



Our company manages the expedition of defective parts to the manufacture or repair plant controlling the terms of repair and delivers the parts back to the client.



Maintenance service EASA Part-145 С1, С3, С5 (Chapter ATA 21, 23, 24, 25, 33, 34, 44)

Maintenance service EASA Part-145

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