Products & Services for Russian helicopters. SPARE Parts Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, MI-26, KA-32


Spares & Services for Russian helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-8/Mi-17 Solutions. SPARE Parts Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171
Blades for Russian helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-8/Mi-17 Solutions. Spare Parts Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171.
Spares & Services for Russian helicopters Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, Mi-8/Mi-17 Solutions. Spare Parts Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171. Engine MI-8

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AVIAHELP provides spare parts and accessories for all modifications of Russian helicopters MI-8, MI-17, KA-32 from its Moscow stock and on request. We render services to both Russian and foreign clients who operate helicopters of  different utility: multiuse, commercial, cargo, rescue, fire-fighting etc.


Russian helicopters use by over 50 countries. AVIAHELP provides spares parts for the following helicopter types:


MIL: MI-8, MI-17 and all modifications including MI-8T, MI-8MTV, MI-8AMT, MI-8MT, MI-8AT, MI-171A, MI-171E, MI-171, MI-172


KAMOV: KA-32, KA-26, KA-226


AVIAHELP inventories include blocks and units for hydraulic, pneumatic and electric systems, radio electronic units, special equipment. Our well-run logistics and management guarantee accurate supplies of original helicopter spares, accessories and rotables to our clients.





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1. Power unit and transmission
1.1 246-1517-000 Tail gearbox
1.2 8-1930-000 ser.02 Main rotor hub
1.3 8-1950-000 Swash plate
1.4 8A-1515-000 Intermediate gearbox
1.5 8A-1516-000 Tail rotor drive shaft
1.6 8A-6311-00 Fan
1.7 8A-6314-00 Cardan shaft
1.8 8АМТ-1250-00 Vibration damper
1.9 AI-9V Engine
1.10 VR-14 Main gearbox
1.11 TV3-117VM ser.02 Engine
1.12 246-3904-000 ser. 01 Tail rotor
1.12.1 246-3925-00 Tail rotor blades (246-3904-000)
1.13 8-3904-000  Tail rotor
1.13.1 8-3922-00 Tail rotor blades (8-3904-000)
1.14 8AT-2710-00 Main rotor blades (5 pcs.)
2. Oil and fuel equipment
2.1 11TF30SM-0 Fuel filter
2.2 463B Electrically-driven centrifugal pump
2.3 5349T Air/oil cooler unit
2.4 610200А Electromagnetic crane
2.5 766300A-1-T Float valve
2.6 768600МА  Shut-off valve
2.7 ETSN-91С Electrically-driven centrifugal pump
3. Control and hyddraulic systems
3.1 8D2.966.017-2 Hydraulic filter
3.2 EMT-2M Electromagnetic brake
3.3 FG-11BN Hydraulic filter
3.4 GA-172-00-2/T Metering device
3.5 GA-192T Electromagnetic crane
3.6 GA-59/1 Emergency supply cut-in valve
3.7 GA-74M/5 Two-position solenoid valve
3.8 GA-77V Automatic pump relief valve
3.9 KAU-115АМ Combined control Unit
3.9.1 KAU-30B Combined control Unit
3.9.2 RA-60B Combined control Unit
3.10 MP-100М-2 ser. Electric actuator
3.11 NSH39M Gear pump
3.12 OK-10А Check valve
3.13 PR-15,875-2300-1-67 Chain, 67 Links
3.14 RU-2 Control handle
3.15 SPUU-52 Tail rotor pitch limit system
3.15.1 BU-32 Control unit
3.15.2 DOS Feedback transmitter
3.15.3 P-1 (P-1Tr) Resistance Thermometer Sensor
3.15.4 IKD27Dа-400-830 Pressure measuring complex
4. Fuselage, chasiss and pneumatic systems
4.1 595х185 Model 14А Nose gear tyre
4.2 865х280 Model  1А Main gear tyre
4.3 8A-4101-00B-1 Gear
4.4 8A-4101-00B-2 Gear
4.5 8A-4201-00A Levered nose gear shock strut
4.6 АК-50T1 ser.3 Compressor
4.7 V8BP.000 Heated windscreen (RH)
4.8 V8BP.000-01 Heated windscreen (LH)
4.9 K2 116 Unbraked wheel for tyre 595x185
4.10 KT97-310 Wheel for tyre 865х280
4.11 KT97-220-1,-2 Wheel brake
4.12 UP25/2 Pressure reducing valve
4.13 UPO3/2M Reduction accelerator (Pneumatic control unit)
4.14 V24-4301-100-7 Tail bumper shock strut
5. Fire protecting, deicing, heating and ventilating equipment
5.1 1-4-4 Fire extinguisher
5.1.1 1-2-4-210 Bottle
5.1.2 PGKts valve squib control head
5.1.3 MA-250M Air pressure gauge
5.2 1919T Control shutter
5.2.1 EPV-50BT ser.2 Electric actuator
5.3 8АТ-7420 Tail rotor slip ring
5.4 DV-302T Electric fan
5.5 EV-0,7-1640 Electric fan
5.6 OR1-2,0-20-30 Fire extinguisher
5.7 SO-121VM var."A" Ice detector
5.8 DSL-40Т Ice detecting sensor
5.9 PE-11М Electronic invertor
5.10 RМ-5 Mounting frame
5.11 SSP-FK ser.2 Fire detection and
warning system
5.12 TSV36М313 Rotor slip ring
5.13 TV-19Т Thermometer, consists of:
5.13.1 TV-1 Electric thermometer
5.13.2 P-9Т Temperature bulb
6. Electric and commutation equipment
6.1 APD-78А Engine start control unit
6.2 APD-9В Start control panel
6.3 APSH-3М Bus selector switch
6.4 AZP-А2 Circuit breaker
6.5 RM-355G Gimbal
6.5.1 BZUNP355G Protection unit
6.5.2 BRN120Т5А-3s voltage regulating unit
6.6 BCHF-208 Phase-sequence unit
6.7 АТ-8-3  Autotransformer
6.8 BSGO-400А Unit
6.9 BTT40BT Current transformer unit
6.10 VU-6B Rectifying device
6.11 DMR-200D Differential relay
6.12 DMR-200VU Integrated device
6.13 GT40PCH8V Generator
6.14 PTS-800BM 3-phase static inverter
6.15 RN-120U Voltage regulator
6.16 SPO-9 Static inverter
6.17 TR-115/36 Stepdown transformer
6.18 TS310S04B Transformer
6.19 SHRAP-500К Ground power connector plug
6.20 SHRAP-400-3F Ground power connector plug
6.21 20NKBN-25-TD-U3 Storage battery
6.22 12-SAM-28P Storage battery
7. Lighting equipment
7.1 FPP-7М Search / landing llamp
7.1.1 KNIB.203561.043 Light filter for  the lamp FPP-7M
7.2 MSL-3-2s with colorless light filter 8YU7.226.021 Signal lamp beacon
7.2.1 KNIB.676769.011 Emission source for MSL-3-2s
7.3 BANO-64-К Light
7.4 BANO-64-З Aircraft navigation light
7.5 OPS-57 Formation light
7.5.1 KNIB.676769.001 Emission source for OPS-57
7.6 HS-62 Tail light
7.6.1 KNIB.676769.003 Emission light for HS-61
7.7 FR-100 Lamp
7.8 TN-115-7,5 Transformer
7.9 P-39 with the lamp  SM 28-5 Dome light
7.10 KNIB.755411.039 Light filter for P-39 (Cockpit)
7.11 SBK Cockpit lamp
7.12 PBS-1 with the lamp SMЗ 28-23 White color dome light
7.13 P-39 with the lamp SM 28-5 Dome light
7.13.1 KNIB.756411.001-01 Light filter for P-39 ()
7.14 FR-100 Lamp
7.15 47KV (47К) Extension light connection socket
7.16 48KV (48К) Extension light connection socket
7.17 P-39 with the lamp SM 28-5  Dome light
7.17.1 SM 28-10 Lamp
7.18 TP100/2 Transformer
7.19 SV-2 Lamp
7.20 APM-1 Lighting fitting
7.21 SAS-4-9 Emergency warning and caution system, consist of: 
7.21.1 BK-7 Switching unit
7.21.2 BU Caution signal unit
7.21.3 BAP-1 Emergency warning signal unit
7.22 TS-5М var. Annunciator
8. Engine and gearbox control instruments
8.1 RT-12-6 2ser. Temperature regulator
8.2 2IA-6 Dual measuring equipment, consists of:
8.2.1 2UT-6К Dual temperature indicator
8.2.2 2UE-6B ser. 2 Deal electronic amplifier
8.2.3 PK-6 Block
8.3 D-1М U2 Primary transmitter
8.4 D-2М U2 Primary transmitter
8.5 IV-500Е ser.2 Vibration control
system, consists of:
8.5.1 УsS-6 ser.2 Matching device
8.5.2 MV-03-1 Piezoelectric transducer
8.5.3 БE-9Е ser.2 Electronic unit
8.6 P-77 var.2 Temperature sensor
8.7 TST-282S Thermoelectric thermometer
8.8 TUE-48 General purpose eectric resistance
thermometer assebled:
8.9 UP-21-15 Position indicator assembled:
9. Control instruments of pneumatic, fuel, hydraulic and elictric systems
9.1 A-2 Ammeter
9.2 V-1 Voltmeter
9.3 VF-0,4-150 Voltmeter
9.4 МА-60 Pressure gauge
9.5 MVU-100K Unified air pressure gauge
9.6 SD-29А Pressure switch
9.7 SKES-2027B Aviation electrical
kerosene meter
9.7.1 ДТПР СКЭС-2027Б Бак Пл Sensor
9.7.2 ДТПР СКЭС-2027Б Бак ППр Sensor
9.7.3 ДТПР СКЭС-2027Б Бак Р Sensor
9.7.4 ДТПР СКЭС-2027Б Бак Д Sensor
9.8 IDP-1 Floating sensor simulator
9.9 BE-09 Indicator
9.10 MST-25A Pressure switch
9.11 MST-30A Pressure switch
9.12 TF1-75.150/1А Transformer
9.13 TF1-25.50.100/1A Transformer
9.14 AF1-150 Ammeter
10. Fligt and navigation equipment
10.1 AGB-3К ser3. Gyro horizon
10.2 AGB-96D-S Gyro horizon
10.3 AGB-96P-S Gyro horizon
10.4 AP-34B  ser.2 Autopilot, consists of:
10.4.1 6S2.390.007-3 ser.1 Control panel
10.4.2 6S2.399.000 Control unit
10.4.3 BUNPP-V ser.1 flight-navigatuion
instrument amplifier
10.4.4 DUS 1209Е, G, К Angular rate sensor (Pitch, Roll, Direction )
10.4.5 IN-4 Nill indicator
10.4.6 KV-11 Altitude corrector
10.4.7 6S2.553.002  ser.1 Force-balance transducer
10.4.8 1479-V Amplifier unit
10.5 BF-34 парт. А Filters unit
10.6 BKK-18 Roll control unit
10.7 BS-34-01 Coupling unit
10.8 TV-45К Cabin thermometer
10.9 BSGO-400А Ready signal unit
10.10 VK-53E-RV Erecting cut-out switch
10.11 GMK-1GE Compass system, consists of:
10.11.1 AS-1 Synchronizer
10.11.2 BS-1 Coupling unit
10.11.3 GA-6 Gyro unit
10.11.4 ID-3 Inductive sensor
10.11.5 KM-8 Compensator
10.11.6 PU-27E Control panel
10.12 UGR-4-UK ser.3 Indicator
10.13 KI-13КА Liquid magnetic compass
10.14 KZSP IAS controller
10.15 PVD-6M Pitot-static tube
10.16 US-450К ser.2 Air speed indicator
10.17 VAR-30МК  ser.4 Rate-of-climb indicator
10.18 VD-10VK  ser.2 Altimeter
10.19 ACHS-1MK Aviation clock
11. Monitor and auxiliary equipment
11.1 ALMAZ-UPM Voice information reporting system
11.2 BUR-1-2 ser.2 Flight data recorder system
11.2.1 PU-25-1 Control panel
11.2.2 BSPI-4-2 ser.2 Flight data recorder unit
11.2.3 RA-37К Frame
11.2.4 ZBN-1-3 ser 3 FDR recorder unit
11.3 DPSM-1 IAS transducer
11.4 MSTV-2,5C Pressure switch heat resistant and shakeproof
11.5 DV-15MV ser.2 Altitude transmitter
11.6 М11А Module
11.7 MU-615А ser.1 Angular displacement transmitter
11.8 MP-95±1,5 Potentiometric accelerometer
11.9 MP-95+3-1 Potentiometric accelerometer
11.10 RI-65B Voice communication airborne equipment
11.11 RI-65-10 Voice communication unit
11.12 RI-65-20 Remote control panel
11.13 RI-65-30 Matching amplifier
12. Helicopter driving equipment
12.1 ARK-15М var.14 Automatic direction finder
12.2 А-037 ser.04 Radio altimeter
12.2.1 А-037-1Г Instrument
12.2.2 А-034-4-17 Instrument
12.2.3 А-037-1-1 Instrument
12.3 BMP ser.2 Mechanical transition
13. Radio communication equipment
13.1 ORLAN-85ST Radio station
13.2 Prima-KV Radio station
13.2.1 B1-PrK Transceiver unit
13.2.2 B5А1-PrK Antenna device unit
13.2.3 B7B-PrK Unit
13.3 P-503B Voice recorder
13.4 YADRO-1А1 Radio station

SPARE Parts Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171, MI-26, Ka-32

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